April Newsletter 2017

1.   New JGIA Website Launch

We are very excited to announce that we have a shiny new website! Just in time for Dr Jane’s upcoming visit, we have launched an updated version of janegoodall.org.au and would love for you to have a look. It has a modern look, new content and everything you need to know about us in one place. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do. And of course if you love our website, please also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

2. Dr Jane in Australia in June

Just in case you have been hibernating… Dr Jane Goodall is coming to Australia in June! We will be travelling around the country to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney for public lectures, Roots & Shoots workshops and many other events. Dr Jane has been featured recently in some great Australian media like the ABC, Sydney Morning Herald and Cosmos Magazine, with more to come. If you would like the chance to see her live, buy your tickets today or sign up to Roots & Shoots. To keep up to date and access special opportunities, become a member of the JGIA family.


3.  Chimp Guardian Campaign and Anzac Biscuits

ANZAC Day each year we commemorate our brave women and men in service, and at JGI’s Tchimpounga Sanctuary, we have a special chimpanzee that reminds us about sacrifice. Anzac, so named because she arrived at the sanctuary on ANZAC Day, has a missing arm as a result of illegal poaching activities.

Orphaned chimps like Anzac need care and attention every day. To help us raise funds and awareness for their care, we’ve created our very own chimp Anzac Cookie video recipe which you can make for your friends and family, or hold a bake sale at your school, university or work. You can also help by becoming a Chimp Guardian or Roots & Shoots Chimp Champion to ensure that Anzac and her friends continue to lead healthy and happy lives.

4. March for Science on Earth Day

Earth Day was Saturday, April 22, and we celebrated by marching with thousands of others across Australia! JGIA is very proud to be an official partner of the March for Science, where more than 4,000 people in Melbourne and 3,000 in Sydney marched to highlight the importance of science in today’s world. Thanks to Asitha, Mel, Lauren, Jessica, Nicky and Zara for representing JGIA and our National Youth Leadership Council at this important event. And special congratulations to Lauren and Nicky on great ABC News and radio interviews! To support this amazing initiative visit the March for Science website

5. Primates in Entertainment

Animals are not entertainment, yet sadly many media outlets are still not getting the message. Last week, we received several concerned emails about a clip of a small primate in Japan, dressed in sports clothes and playing tennis, that that was receiving a lot of attention online. Unfortunately many leading media outlets were sharing the clip. One young man from Melbourne was so shocked that he wrote to the network responsible to express his disappointment. We applaud and support Hunter’s actions and have encouraged him to join or start a Roots & Shoots group in his area.

Our work to end the use of animals as entertainment continues as we aim to raise awareness globally. If you like to help us please donate to JGIA today and to find out more about our position on great apes in entertainment, visit our JGIA website.

To keep up to date and access special opportunities, become a member of the JGIA family. Of course you can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


March Newsletter 2017

1. Travel with JGIA and RAW Africa

If you are anything like us, travelling to Africa to see great apes in their habitat has always been a dream. We are very pleased to announce that, thanks to our long-standing partnership with RAW Africa, you can make that dream a reality. If you are searching for an adventure unlike any other, we invite you to take part in a 16-day visit to Africa, tracing the footsteps of Dr Jane Goodall and experiencing the wonders of Uganda with a small group of like-minded travellers.

On your adventure you will visit not only the great apes, but also the JGI projects in the region and get to experience JGI’s impact firsthand. Highlights of the trip include Ngamba Chimpanzee Island, where chimpanzees rescued from illegal trade are rehabilitated and released onto the island to live out their lives in complete safety. You will also visit Boomu Women’s Group near Murchinson Falls, a JGI initiative to help local women earn an income without relying on the forests that are home to chimpanzees. In Queen Elizabeth National Park, you will love the boat ride along the Kazinga channel, so full of hippos, elephants, buffalo and water birds (and even leopard and tree climbing lions!) that you will wonder how they all fit. Of course for great ape lovers, the treks to see the chimpanzees and mountain gorillas are​ the ultimate adventure and you will not be disappointed as these incredible creatures allow us to get up close and quietly observe what they are doing. It is truly unforgettable!

This is a JGIA approved experience and now is the time to book, as there are just a few spots left on the July and September 2017 tours. Prices are $5800pp and a percentage will go towards JGIA and the incredible projects that you will visit. Take the journey of a lifetime; to not only experience the wonderful work of JGI in East Africa, but to also connect with unforgettable people, wildlife and cultures. To find out more, visit Raw Africa’s Jane Goodall Tour page or contact brooke@rawafricaecotours.com.

2. Final week to collect mobile phones for chimp conservation

With the end of Term 1 almost upon us, time is running out to register your school to join our 2017 Mobile Phone Recycling & Reuse Campaign. Many people don’t realise that mobile phones contain coltan, a mineral that is mined from crucial great ape habitat in East and Central Africa. Although coltan can be extracted from old mobile devices and reused, in 2008 more than 70% of the world’s supply was newly mined. The good news is that you can help reduce the need for new coltan simply by donating your unwanted mobile phones!

Throughout Term 1, Australian schools can register to collect unwanted mobile phones to raise money for chimpanzee conservation. All phones that are collected will be refurbished then resold by PhoneCycle, or broken down into individual parts for recycling by MobileMuster. Our generous partners then donate the funds raised to the Jane Goodall Institute Australia to support our efforts to save endangered chimpanzees. As a special treat, the school that collects the most mobile phones will win a personalised recorded video message from Dr Jane thanking them for the wonderful contribution! For more information contact us at recycle@janegoodall.org.au or visit our JGIA or R&S websites.

3. Welcome to our new NYLC members

We are excited to announce that over the last month we have welcomed 10 new members to our National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC)! The NYLC are a passionate group of 16-23 year olds from around Australia who are dedicated to creating positive and sustainable change. They are the youth voice of Roots & Shoots Australia and are provided with a platform to learn, grow, and collaborate on campaigns that make the world a better place and inspire the next generation of changemakers. To find out more about the NYLC and meet the new team, visit our website.

4. Kate walks in Dr Jane’s shoes at Gombe

These past few months our Queensland R&S State Coordinator, Kate Garland, has been volunteering at JGI Italy’s Sanganigwa Children’s Home in Kigoma, Tanzania. While in Tanzania, Kate was lucky enough to visit the place where JGI all began, Gombe Stream National Park. Here’s a snippet from her behind-the-scenes experience of walking in Dr Jane’s shoes:

“I woke up early in the morning to be guided to the chimpanzees by Khalfan Kikwrley, the son of one of the founding members of Roots & Shoots. We began the trek, walking along the crystal clear beach of Gombe as baboons scampered ahead of us into the forest and butterflies lofted around the shoreline. Then the real work began, as we entered the forest and quickly ascended Gombe’s notoriously steep mountains. It was then that I felt complete admiration for Jane’s courage and perseverance, for Gombe’s arduous inclines and high humidity leave very little time for rest when chasing the much more nimble chimpanzees. Nevertheless, all my perspiration was rewarded when ahead of me a black flash hurled through the bushes. This fuzzball, who I later found was Nasa, was followed by the rest of the Kasekela Chimpanzee community – the very community Jane studied. The group is led by the recently appointed alpha-male Fudge, who gained power last year after a heated coup d’etat which resulted in the overthrow of the older tyrant, Ferdinand. Most of the chimpanzees that Jane studied have passed away, but remaining stars include Gremlin, Gaia, Gizmo, Nasa, and Fudge. Surrounding them are their children and grandchildren, direct evidence for Gombe’s success in protecting chimpanzees for future generations. I spent one peaceful hour following the chimpanzees alongside the Gombe researchers who recorded their vocalisations and interactions. I will never forget how connected I felt when I would cross eyes with one of the chimpanzees, or when I heard the “human-like” giggles of the juvenile chimpanzees as they tussled in the leaves. After leaving the chimpanzees to finish their breakfast, I knew I was not just saying goodbye to the famous chimpanzees of Gombe, but also to my relatives, for they truly are, in so many ways, our not too distant kin.”

You can read Kate’s full story on our R&S project page and to play your own part in the special story of our Gombe chimpanzees, please donate to JGIA today.

5. Happy birthday to our incredible founder

On April 3rd, Dr Jane Goodall celebrates her birthday. We hope that you will join us in wishing her a wonderful year ahead. We are particularly looking forward to giving her a belated birthday hug in person in Australia in June, and in New Zealand in July! Each year on her birthday, we are reminded that Dr Jane’s one wish is to ensure the ongoing support of the Jane Goodall Institute globally. You can help make Dr Jane Goodall’s wish come true by generously making a birthday donation. Happy Birthday Dr Jane and see you soon!

Of course don’t forget to buy your tickets today to see Dr Jane Goodall herself in Australia in June 2017. To keep up to date and access special opportunities, become a member of the JGIA family. Of course you can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



February Newsletter 2017

1. Climb for Chimps Success!

In case you missed the very exciting news, our JGIA Climb for Chimps team successfully summited Kilimanjaro this month! It was an immense physical and mental challenge for the climbers and though all did not quite reach the peak, in their words the experience left them “tired, but exuberant and elated!” Some fun facts about the climb: they were accompanied by 30 porters, two chefs and three guides; their combined age was 330 years so not the youngest group on the hill, but with the youngest participant by far at age 14!; their final ascent took 21 hours, 3.8 vertical kilometres and more than 100,000 steps to reach the chilly (-20°C) Uhuru Summit at 5895m. Of course it was all for a great cause as they raised more than $32,400 for the Jane Goodall Institute Australia. Thank you and congratulations to Alex, Laura, Jeff, James, Polly and Mark!

2. Register to Recycle Today

If our first story has inspired you, but you’re not quite up for climbing a snowy peak, how about doing something as simple as recycling your old mobile phones to make a difference and raise money for JGIA? Our mobile phone recycling campaign is now live at schools across the nation. From now until the end of Term 1 all you have to do as a parent, student, teacher or friend, is to register to be part of the program, place a collection box at your school and spread the word. Recycling disused mobile phones and accessories is a great way to raise awareness that our technological gadgets are made up of materials that can be recycled rather than mined from underneath the forests where chimpanzees live. It’s free and easy and a great way to make a difference and reduce our impact on the planet. Our generous partners, Mobile Muster and Phone Cycle, donate funds to JGIA for each phone collected. As a special incentive, the school that collects the most phones during the 2017 Term 1 campaign will get a personalised video from Dr Jane herself! For more information, contact us on recycle@janegoodall.org.au or find out more on our JGIA or R&S websites.

3. 40th Anniversary of JGI

This year, the Jane Goodall Institute celebrates our 40th anniversary as a global organisation! From its humble beginnings as an idea back in Gombe in 1977, to establishment of the first office in the United States, we could never have imagined we would grow to 35 global offices with Roots & Shoots in almost 100 countries. Now, as we were then, we are powered by science and hope and believe that wisdom, leadership and collaboration can show us how to coexist peacefully with nature and each other. For 40 years, JGI has led the environmental movement with brilliant solutions to some of the most pressing issues of our time. With support from individuals like you, we will continue to be a leader in conservation, education, and research for the next 40 years as we realise Dr. Jane Goodall’s legacy of hope for a better, greener tomorrow and beyond. To be a part of the movement and show your support, please donate today or simply join our thunderclap to wish us a happy birthday!

4. Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival

We were very pleased to participate in the Sustainable Living Festival’s Green Market held in Melbourne this month. JGIA co-founder Alicia, Roots & Shoots Victoria Coordinator Mel and National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) member Asitha had a wonderful time talking to visitors about Roots & Shoots, our palm oil campaign and video and of course Dr. Jane’s upcoming visit to Australia. We would like to thank everyone who visited our stall, including those who are already doing amazing things to create a positive change for animals, people and the environment. We look forward to seeing several familiar faces at our future events! To keep up to date with R&S and the NYLC, follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

5. Win Free Transitions Film Festival Tickets

JGIA is pleased to share that the Transitions Film Festival is coming to Sydney and Brisbane in March with an inspirational line up of world-changing films. To celebrate, we have a double pass to give away to A Plastic Ocean, screening Saturday 11 March at 1:30pm at Zenith Theatre, Chatswood and Saturday 25 March at 7:00pm at New Farm Cinemas, Brisbane. Described by Sir David Attenborough as “one of the most important films of our time”, A Plastic Ocean is an exploration of the devastating impacts plastic is having on our oceans and our health and what we can do about it, before it is too late. For your chance to win, head to the Transitions Film Festival ‘win’ page and enter the code SAPLASTICGOODALL (for Sydney) and BAPLASTICGOODALL (for Brisbane). Good luck and check out the full festival program, including H.O.P.E – What you eat Matters featuring our very own Dr Jane Goodall, via the website.

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to buy your tickets today to see Dr Jane Goodall herself in Australia in June 2017. To keep up to date and access special opportunities, become a member of the JGIA family. Of course you can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

January Newsletter 2017

1. 2017 Brings Hope and Dr Jane

As we close the chapter on 2016 and usher in the start of an exciting new year, we want to take the time to say thank you again to our amazing supporters and JGIA family. We are very much looking forward to a wonderful year ahead and hope that you will join us on our journey.

Indeed Dr Jane Goodall herself will be joining us in Australia and New Zealand in June 2017! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to hear first-hand the amazing stories of her chimpanzee family and inspiring messages of hope and peace. Buy your tickets today to Dr Jane’s live events in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and to keep up to date on all activities and special opportunities, become a member of the JGIA family.

By becoming a member, you will be helping us continue our work protecting chimpanzees and forests, while growing the number of young people who are making our world more sustainable.  Of course you can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thank you again and we can’t wait to see you in 2017!

2. Your Phone Call… to Action

Have you ever wondered what your phone is made of or how the materials were collected? There may be more to that story than you think. Our technological gadgets are made up of materials such as gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum (coltan), many of which are sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The DRC is also home to the largest intact populations of chimpanzees, located in the Congo Basin.

The human and environmental costs of extracting these materials are staggering. Trees must be cut down, thereby fragmenting the forest, destroying chimpanzee habitat and jeopardising the health of local communities. In addition to damaging the environment, conflict materials have also been cited as the driving force for the continuing war in the DRC.

On January 24th, JGI offices around the world launched a Call to Action to recycle our mobile phones and halt the mining of new materials. International Mobile Recycling Day, now in its third year, is an urgent cause to raise awareness and reduce our impact. Join JGIA throughout Term 1 in our mobile phone recycling drive by registering for a free collection box for phones at your school or business. In addition to reducing demand, our generous partners, Mobile Muster and Phone Cycle, donate funds to JGIA for each phone collected. For more information, contact us on recycle@janegoodall.org.au or find out more on our JGIA or R&S websites.

3. Applications Open for the NYLC

Are you ready to lead a movement of young people creating a better world for people, animals and the environment? We are looking for young Australian leaders aged 16-23 to join our National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC). Our NYLC is made up of a passionate group of young people from around Australia who are dedicated to making positive change. Members of the NYLC are the youth voice of Roots & Shoots Australia and work hard to support the organization’s success. NYLC members are provided with fun and comprehensive training and opportunities to mentor R&S members and represent R&S at events. Members gain access to influential leaders and networks that will help them grow their leadership capabilities. Find out more and apply before midnight on Sunday 5th February. You can also keep up to date with our NYLC on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

4. Positivity despite Politics

For many of us, the start of 2017 has brought uncertainty with global political changes. Dr Jane Goodall wrote a special blog post on the topic “I am writing today to call on each of you, my friends and colleagues, to maintain hope, whilst being prepared to work even harder to do what is right for people, other animals and planet Earth. And be prepared to stand up and speak out for our beliefs. For if we lose hope we shall sink into apathy – then all will be lost. We all have a choice as to what sort of difference we make. And so, if we all come together with determination and increased solidarity, we can surely find ways to carry on with our work no matter what happens. I have absolute faith in the indomitable human spirit.”

5. Tchimpounga Caregiver Highlight

Hugues Boungou has a wide, gentle smile that divulges his caregiving philosophy before he even begins to interact with his patients. Hugues, a veterinary assistant at JGI’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre in the Republic of Congo, believes in the importance of treating each primate with care and respect, to create the trust and cooperation that he needs to be effective in his work. He says his favourite part of his job is helping to save the lives of chimpanzees. Hugues began his career as a nurse, looking after human patients. His natural skill with primates allowed him to adapt quickly to veterinary work and to develop new skills, like operating x-ray equipment and microscopes. JGI, and the many chimpanzees who enjoy Hugues’ excellent care are grateful that he made the decision to work as a veterinary assistant. To support Hugues and his chimpanzee friends, become a Chimp Guardian today.

6. CEO Channels Chimp for the Cause

Our CEO, Nancy Moloney, had some fun hanging around and completing her Edge Pledge just before the holidays. To raise funds for chimpanzees at JGI’s Tchimpounga Sanctuary, Nancy put herself on the edge by asking supporters to vote for her to eat 20 bananas in one sitting, end every phone call for an entire day with a pant hoot (chimp call) or complete a ropes course in a chimpanzee onesie. The onesie challenge won and despite a 38 degree day, Nancy clambered through the ropes course with a  smile on her face, enjoying every minute being one of our closest relatives. To join Nancy, sign up for your own fun Edge Pledge and watch this space for future JGIA Edge Pledges.

November Newsletter 2016

1. Dr Jane Goodall is Coming to Australia in 2017!

We are thrilled to announce that in June 2017, Dr Jane Goodall will be returning to Australia! We are still working on the schedule, but Dr Jane’s visit will be full of inspiring events, Roots & Shoots gatherings and support for animals, people and our shared environment in Australia and aboard. The best way to stay in touch in by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or better yet, become a JGIA member and get exclusive early bird access to tickets to see Dr Jane Goodall live. We can’t wait to share Dr Jane’s message of hope with you all!

2. JGIA AGM, Annual Report and New Membership Structure

Firstly, a big thank you to all of our members who attended our AGM earlier this week. We hope that you found it informative and enjoyed it as much as we did. A special thanks goes to Cameron Kerr, CEO of Taronga Zoo, for his thoughtful and inspiring presentation on his recent visit to JGI’s Tchimpounga Sanctuary. Secondly, with a big year ahead, we are pleased to share our Annual Report with all of our supporters as well as the launch of our new membership program! There are three tiers of membership with benefits such as access to earlybird tickets, special offers, AGM invites, dedicated updates, JGIA gifts and recognition in our Annual Report. To be the first to get news and tickets, plus other special offers become a member today.






3. A King Dethroned at Gombe

In the primate world rank is everything and the fight to be on top is key for access to mates and food. At Gombe, Ferdinand, 24, ironically named for the peace-loving bull, is the alpha male of his group. He has maintained his position by intimidation, threats and surprise attacks including biting and marking all his rivals with a tell-tale scar on their backs. However, this warrior chimpanzee and Gombe’s alpha of eight years has recently been toppled from his rank position by none other than his nephew, a 19-year old male named Fudge. In the last two years, Ferdinand’s aggressive form of leadership left him few friends. Meanwhile, the majority of adults have formed a large subgroup, where younger males have been maturing and gaining strength. In October, Fudge made his move by attacking Ferdinand with support from the rest of the troupe. After a struggle, Fudge emerged victorious and Ferdinand withdrew to lick his wounds and mend his pride. Since then, Fudge has been cemented as the new alpha with many displays of dominance on his part and
submissive approaches from his group. So now the question is, how long will Fudge reign?

Ferdinand grooming another chimpanzee          Ferdinand’s nephew Fudge

4. Zara Goes Wild for Chimpanzees in her Edge Pledge

One of our JGIA Directors, Zara Bending has certainly been a good sport this month and has completed her Edge Pledge. Zara, a Doctoral candidate at Macquarie Law School and Lecturer at the Sydney Institute of Business and Technology, spent a full week wearing animal onesies, each representing an endangered species. She tutored as a turtle, lectured as a lemur and chatted as a chimp, all to raise an amazing $1500 for JGIA! To join Zara, sign up for your own fun Edge Pledge and watch this space for future JGIA Edge Pledges.

5. Happy Holiday Season from JGIA

Last, but certainly not least, from all of us at JGIA, and all of the JGI chapters and Roots & Shoots groups worldwide, we want to wish you a very safe and peaceful holiday season with your loved ones. We also want to thank you for all that you do to help us make this world a better place and encourage you to give the incredible gift of Chimp Guardianship this Christmas. Your gift will change the future for injured and orphaned chimpanzees cared for at the JGI’s Tchimpounga Rehabilitation Center.  Sadly as a result of the illegal wildlife trade of chimpanzees, we now have more than 120 chimpanzees at our sanctuary. By becoming a Chimp Guardian, you are contributing to the daily care and attention of these chimpanzees and guaranteeing them a healthy and safe life. Thank you again and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2017!

October Newsletter 2016

1. Join #LabelMe and Vote for Palm Oil Labelling

A big thank you to all the students across Australia who have been posting to social media or sending us their #LabelMe pictures. Through this campaign we are hoping to solve the problem of palm oil labelling. Currently palm oil can be labelled more than 200 different ways making it almost impossible for you to shop ethically or look for certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO). Uncertified sustainable palm oil contributes to the deaths of more than 1,000 orangutans a year as their habitat, and that of elephants, tiers and rhinos are destroyed through unsustainable palm oil production. And now chimpanzees are also at risk as palm oil plantations are increasingly moving into Central Africa as demand by food manufactures increases. This November, Australian and New Zealand governments will be voting on whether to make palm oil labelling mandatory on all food products. Roots & Shoots’ #LabelMe campaign is raising awareness for the vote and the importance of palm oil labelling for animals, people and our shared environment. Post your #LabelMe pic on Instagram or Facebook and tag us @janegoodallau to help spread the message and sign the petition.

2. Happy 100th Birthday to Taronga Zoo

Congratulations to Taronga Zoo on celebrating 100 years on October 7th. We were thrilled to be a part of the celebrations with JGIA CEO, Nancy Moloney, JGIA Board Members, Mark Richardson and Simon Duffy as well as Global JGIA Board Member and Founding JGIA CEO, Polly Cevallos, present. We hope that you were able to join in the celebrations with Taronga’s special parade through the city, and if not, keep watch for special events throughout the centenary year. Happy birthday to our Taronga friends, humans and animals alike!

3. JGIA Celebrates World Animal Day

On October 4, we honoured World Animal Day. With a mission to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe, we shared messages and good wishes from both Dr Jane Goodall and JGIA. Each year World Animal Day grows through events large and small, so we hope you will join us in sharing the importance of this day and everything it aims to achieve going forward.  #WorldAnimalDay

Disclaimer: Dr. Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute do not endorse the handling of wild chimpanzees.

4. Claire goes Crimson for the Cause

Our brave Roots & Shoots NYLC member Claire completed an Edge Pledge to fundraise for JGIA. She put herself on the edge by asking people to vote for one of three challenges: dying her hair an outrageous colour, wearing the same outfit for a month or not talking for a week. Claire raised $250 for JGIA in exchange for dying her hair bright pink! You can watch the fun here. Since completing her pledge, Claire has been made an Edge Pledge ambassador and the online volunteer coordinator. Well done Claire! We’d love you to join Claire in completing your own Edge Pledge for JGIA – sign up here and watch this space for future JGIA Edge Pledges.

5. Did you see Dr Jane Goodall on Catalyst?

We are so grateful to the team at the ABC for replaying the 2014 Catalyst interview with Dr Jane Goodall recently.  If you haven’t yet watched the interview, you can see it here via the ABC website.

6. Survey Winners

Congratulations to our JGIA survey winners – Amanda Lancaster and Claire Dafonseca! In case you missed it, all respondents to our two short surveys, on Facebook and in our September eNewsletter, were entered into the draw to win a JGIA prize pack. Amanda and Claire each won a copy of Dr Jane Goodall’s book “Seeds of Hope”, a copy of “Chimaka the Chimpanzee” and a Bead for Life necklace and bracelet. Thank you to everyone who responded and happy reading to our winners!  For your chance to win any future surveys, and to stay up to date on our activities, please follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

August Newsletter 2016

1. Dr Jane and JGIA at IPS in Chicago




On August 21-27, the 26th Congress of the International Primatological Society (IPS) was held at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo.  It was a special congress for JGI as Dr Jane was honoured to receive the IPS Lifetime Achievement Award. It was also a great opportunity for us to hold a small gathering of JGI researchers and staff attending from around the world. Two of our local Australian staff members and primate researchers, Nicky Kim-McCormack and Natasha Coutts, were there to represent JGIA, present their research findings and snap a few photos with our wonderful founder. We are proud of all three inspiring primatologists!

2. How You Can Help Dr Jane End Wildlife Trafficking

Dr Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute are doing what we know to be right – by working to end wildlife trafficking. On World Elephant Day, we began Jane’s Traffic Stop – an effort to use the enormous power of social media, and Jane’s fifth Reason For Hope, to help spread awareness about wildlife trafficking and end it for good. The resulting species loss is not just a matter of individual deaths of beautiful animals – it’s the destruction of entire populations and all the ecosystems dependent upon those creatures, and we must act. You can act today, by committing to our pledge to #StandWithJane:

I stand with Dr. Jane and JGIA in the fight to protect chimpanzees and stop the illegal wildlife trade by:

  • Never buying wildlife souvenirs made with ivory, tortoise shell, reptile skins, and seashells, as I understand this demand drives poaching.
  • “Lending my Eyes to the Wild” by using the Wildlife Witness App when I travel to report illegal wildlife trade by taking a photo and pinning its location so our friends at TRAFFIC can spot patterns and notify the local authorities.
  • Signing the petition to support Dr Jane in delivering the urgent message to policy makers and conservation leaders that ending wildlife trafficking must be a priority for the international community.
  • Donating to JGIA to continue our important work with young chimpanzees, some of the most vulnerable victims of wildlife trade, and enable us to protect the diversity and beauty of global wildlife through this campaign.
  • Sharing this urgent message to #StandWithJane through Facebookand Instagram and letting my social network know that when they share a photo of a cute chimpanzee performing in clothing they are hurting chimpanzees – the grin on that chimp’s face is one of fear.

3. Celebrate Peace Day this September with JGIA






Did you know that the International Day of Peace is on September 21st? As a UN Messenger of Peace, Peace Day is Dr. Jane’s favourite day of the year. Every year in September Roots & Shoots members around the world come together to celebrate peace and this year is no different. JGIA’s Roots & Shoots in collaboration with Perth Zoo, Zoos SA, Zoos VIC and Taronga Zoo will be holding celebrations of peace around Australia. This year’s theme from the UN is “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Building Blocks for Peace” and we have been counting down the 17 SDGs on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

If you are or know of a young person who would like to join us to celebrate, we still have places left for our Sydney and Melbourne Peace Day events. Simply email us at rootsandshoots@janegoodall.org.au for more information and a free invite. And keep an eye out for updates from the celebrations across Australia and the world on our social media platforms.

4. Welcome to a New Baby Chimpanzee at Tchimpounga





In April, a baby chimpanzee was brought to JGI’s Tchimpounga Sanctuary. A poacher from northern Congo had surrendered him to the authorities, and although underweight and traumatised about being separated from his mother, the newly named Falero was otherwise strong and healthy. Falero was clearly quite sad but soon bonded with Chantal, his assigned caregiver for the quarantine period.

As the youngest chimpanzee at Tchimpounga, we took great care in deciding where in the groups to place little Falero and eventually decided upon a wonderful surrogate mother, Lounama. Lounama is a delicate and sensitive young female with a cardiac issue that requires her to live a quiet life near our veterinary staff. When we introduced Falero to Lounama, they were both very calm. Lounama groomed the baby, and he climbed on her back. Now they are inseparable. Falero has a new mother and Lounama has a baby all to herself, giving her a new sense of purpose and hope.

If you want to help Falero and his friends, you can become a chimp guardian today.

5. Put Yourself on the Edge to Save Endangered Chimpanzees



On August 15th, social enterprise Edge Pledge was launched to put people “on the edge” to raise money for wildlife on the brink of extinction. JGIA is proud to be one of Edge Pledge’s inaugural environmental partners and raise funds for chimpanzees like Falero at our Tchimpounga Sanctuary.

So how does it work? Edge Pledge’s “challenge generator” finds three unique challenges for every Edge Pledge participant (aka ‘Extinction Fighters’). It could be anything from doing stand-up comedy to skydiving to giving up coffee. The pledger’s family and friends vote via donation for the challenge they’d most like to see the pledger perform. The winning challenge is then videoed and shared on social media and the money raised is donated to a threatened species of the pledger’s choice.

So please help our endangered chimpanzees by putting yourself on the edge to support JGIA and Tchimpounga! Pledge your support at Edge Pledge, challenge a friend or vote for one of our brave pledgers including our CEO Nancy in her pledge to eat, sound or act like a chimp. And to read more about the fun that pledgers are having while raising nearly $10K in two weeks, check out Australian Geographic, Huffington Post and Pro Bono Australia.

6. Thank you to our Partners



JGIA would like to thank Wolseley Private Equity for their very generous and continued support over the past few years. Not only have they contributed by having a Director on our Board and by donating to the ongoing work of JGIA, they have also been wonderful office hosts for the past year and a pleasure to share a space with. We are also very grateful to our newest pro-bono partners, law firm Baker & McKenzie, for providing legal services to JGIA. We look forward to a long and meaningful relationship, supporting our joint interests in all things Animals, People and the Environment.

And finally, from all of us at JGIA, Happy International Primate Day on September 1st!

July Newsletter 2016

1. JGIA Targets Palm Oil Labelling in Term 3





Roots & Shoots is now in our Term 3 Habitat Protection campaign. This term we will be focusing on palm oil and raising awareness about the influence that unsustainably grown palm oil has on all great apes. For example, the status of the Bornean orangutan has recently been upgraded to Critically Endangered!

On 25 November, ten Australian Ministers will meet to decide whether to mandate palm oil labelling on food products. This is an important step in raising awareness about palm oil and allowing consumers to make ethical choices. It also helps to drive a market for Certified Sustainable Palm Oil, thus preserving great ape habitats. Join our #LabelMe campaign and help put pressure on the Ministers by taking a photo of yourself with our hashtag and sending it to palmoil@janegoodall.org.au or tagging us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

We will also be visiting Roots & Shoots groups this term to talk about our three-tiered approach to how you can make a difference and help protect great ape habitats in your home, in your school and in your community. Let us know know if you would like us to visit your school or community group or check out the palm oil section of our website for more info.

2. JGIA joins GPAP for the NSW Ban the Bag Petition





JGIA has teamed up with Greenpeace Australia Pacific to collect signatures for the Ban the Bag campaign in NSW. Members of our JGIA team, Alexia (from the NYLC), Robert (NSW R&S Coordinator) and Billy (from Bye Bye Plastic Bags Australia) have been at Sydney Sea Life Aquarium collecting signatures and raising awareness about the devastation that plastic bags are having on our marine life. Did you know that Australians use around 4 billion plastic bags every year – that’s a whopping 10 million or so each day, 50 million of which end up in our waterways and oceans! Today, 30% of the world’s turtles and 90% of seabird species have ingested plastic. The Ban the Bag petition has almost 8500 signatures so far. To help us reach our goal of 9000 and join other states in banning single-use plastic bags, please sign the petition here or come and see us this Saturday at the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. And watch our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for more information and updates.

3. Climb for Chimps Updates





JGIA has lots of exciting news around Climb for Chimps! In July, Roots & Shoots members were out in force hiking through the bush and participating in educational activities around native wildlife, chimpanzee behavior and how to look after our environment and then enjoying a free vegetation BBQ as part of our Mini Climb for Chimps. Participants from R&S Victoria climbed 3.5 km up to Flinders Peak while R&S Queensland walked 4km in Mt Nebo D’Aguilar National Park. Well done team and a great inspiration for our Climb for Chimp participants climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in February 2017!

If you are considering joining our Tanzanian adventure next year, we are holding a very special free event at Taronga Zoo on Saturday 13 August before the zoo opens to the public. Just us and the animals! Come and hear from JGIA’s CEO Nancy Moloney as well as our friends at Inspired Adventures who will be on-hand to answer any logistical questions about the trip and the climb up Kilimanjaro itself. You will also be treated to an exclusive talk by one of Taronga’s experienced chimpanzee keepers. RSVPs are essential as this is a small, private gathering specifically for Climb for Chimp participants and people who are serious about signing up. Please register here or contact our Fundraising Manager Judith by 5pm on Friday 5 August. If you aren’t able to attend in person, we will try to include you remotely.

4. Live Update from Global R&S Meetings at Windsor Castle




The Roots & Shoots International Leadership Event is currently underway in Windsor, England, and this year we have two delegates from Australia flying the R&S flag. Under the guidance of Dr Jane Goodall’s leadership team, delegates from more than 22 countries are currently working through global and local issues with a view to creating solutions to execute through our Roots & Shoots groups around the world. So far, topics discussed include forests and oceans, refugees and Peace Day. For updates and a look behind the scenes, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and follow us on Snapchat at rootsandshootsa.

5. Photon Energy Provides JGIA with a New Home





JGIA would like to thank our generous and wonderful new office hosts! Photon Energy Australia is part of the global solar energy solutions provider Photon Energy NV and as such is working to bring the world closer to energy sustainability. Photon Energy’s aim is to help make solar energy a financially accessible energy source for businesses and public institutions. So far Photon Energy Australia has helped several companies lower their carbon emissions, including Australia Post and BAI.

“As a solar energy solutions provider we are a green company and glad that we can help towards our goal of sustainable development not only by building commercial solar power plants, but also by providing the JGIA with an office,” said Michael Gartner, managing director of Photon Energy Australia.

6. JGI job posting in DRC

The Jane Goodall Institute is currently seeking applications for a Conservation Action Plan (CAP) Project Manager in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The successful applicant will be responsible for managing the implementation of the CAP for Great Apes in the Eastern DRC. To apply you must have a university degree in a relevant specialisation, NGO and grand management experience and be proficient in both French and English. For more information read CAP PM Job Advert and submit your CV and cover letter to africajobs@janegoodall.org. The deadline for applications is Friday 26th August 2016.

And finally, have you seen our Peace Day posts on social media? So far we have profiled Dr. Jane and other great UN Messengers of Peace like Muhammad Ali, Charlize Theron and Yo-Yo Ma and told you about 8 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Tune in to our pages to see more!

June Newsletter 2016

1. The Countdown to Peace Day has Started!

Our Peace Day image is courtesy of Fernando Turmo

As a long standing UN Messenger of Peace, it’s no secret that Dr Jane Goodall’s favourite day of the year is the International Day of Peace and, much to Dr Jane’s delight, each year our celebrations in Australia get bigger and better! Officially taking place on September 21, each International Day of Peace has a theme and this year’s theme is “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace”.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are our shared vision of humanity and a social contract between the world’s leaders and the people,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “They are a to-do list for people and planet, and a blueprint for success.”

Join us, via our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, as we count down to the International Day of Peace Day, highlighting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Every single one is a building block in the global architecture of peace and we hope that you will help us work towards these goals by visiting our Global R&S website and participating in an activity. Don’t forget to let us know by emailing rootsandshoots@janegoodall.org.au or using the #RootsandShoots and #PeaceDay.

2. More Researchers in the JGIA Family






As great apes’ populations decline, captive and sanctuary individuals play an increasingly important role in species’ conservation. Two of our valued JGIA family members, Administrator and Chimp Guardian Campaign Coordinator Nicky Kim-McCormack and Mobile Phone Recycling and Palm Oil Campaign Coordinator Natasha Coutts are both following in Dr Jane’s footsteps and studying great apes!

Growing research supports improved captive animal welfare when an animal can have more control over their environment, so Nicky is currently at Seoul Zoo examining the effects of digital enrichment and the provision of free choice on chimpanzees and orangutans. Nicky is using technology that allows primates to freely engage with numerous digital activities. It also allows Human-Animal interactions to study the effect on both animal welfare and visitor response, and whether the direct interactivity can lead to greater conservation awareness and changes in attitudes. She is particularly proud of being able to raise awareness in visitors about the devastating effects of palm oil.

Natasha’s research involves a variety of themes, including great ape social behaviour, ecology, conservation, and captive welfare. At the moment she is working on a project looking at how different habitats affect the vocalisations of chimpanzees in Tanzania and Cote d’Ivoire, the results of which she will be presenting at the International Primatological Society (IPS) conference in August in Chicago.

In fact if you happen to be in Chicago in August, you can catch both of our amazing researchers as well as Dr Jane herself. Well done all of you inspirational women!

3. Junior Climb for Chimps




Are you looking for a way to meaningfully connect with nature? Or maybe a chance for your young ones to explore our beautiful environment and learn about the other amazing animals sharing our earth?

On July 17th JGIA’s Roots & Shoots will be doing a mini Climb for Chimps for young people across Australia! Come join your fellow Roots & Shoots members on a walk through the bush and have a chat with young scientists studying everything A.P.E! We will provide a FREE vegetarian BBQ and A.P.E activities such as a scavenger hunt.

This is a youth based event – but parents and guardians are welcome to join! Check out our Facebook page for a location near you or visit our website for more information on R&S. Or simply email rootsandshoots@janegoodall.org.au and we will connect you with your R&S State Coordinator.

Looking for more of a challenge? Enquire about our Kilimanjaro Climb for Chimps in February 2017!

4. Mobile Phone Recycling Campaign a Success!

JGIA’s Mobile Phone Recycling Campaign has officially wrapped up and as well as raising awareness and educating the next generation about sustainability, we are very pleased to announce that the participating schools collected more than 100 kilograms of mobile phones for recycling!

From these mobile phones we can recover and reuse 54 kilograms of plastic and 11 kilograms of copper and make 172 aluminum cans and 18 plastic fence posts. And we have reduced our environmental impact by the equivalent of 6 new trees planted, a tonne less of CO2 emissions in the air and 3 less tonnes of ore mined!

Thanks to our recycling partner MobileMuster, and reuse partner Bounce Mobile, but most of all a huge thank you and congratulations to all the schools that participated and we can’t wait to do it again next year! If you want to get involved, please reach out to us on recycle@janegoodall.org.au or via our website.

5. Vegemite Chimps

Are you a Vegemite lover? How would you feel if instead of on your toast, it was on your walls?

Chimpanzee Kamili at Taronga Zoo certainly seems to like it!  The amazing Senior Primate Keeper Geoff Kidd used his fingers to paint this delicious and original Vegemite artwork on the walls in the night-time chimp enclosure. We love it and so does 11-year old Kamili! She is known by the keepers as clever, ambitious and a bit of a trouble maker but it seems that Geoff has figured out a way to keep her out of trouble, at least for a while. Fantastic work Geoff!

And finally, a very heartfelt thank you to our generous donors during the end of financial year. We simply could not do our work without your kind support and we are so very honoured and grateful that you chose to donate.

May Newsletter 2016

1. Happy Mother’s Day Wishes from JGIA





From all of us at JGIA, we hope that you had a lovely Mother’s Day! From Dr. Jane’s own supportive mother Vanne, to Gremlin and Flo, two very special chimpanzee mothers at Gombe, mothers have always been an important part of JGI. Our mother’s guide us, help us and sometimes teach us lessons that we take into our own adult lives. In fact, it was in the forests of Gombe that Dr Jane herself learned many lessons about being a mother. According to her, after so many years observing chimp mums with their infants, the most important thing that she learned is that having a child should be fun. And we have to say that we completely agree!

2. JGIA Welcomes Judith




We are very pleased to announce the arrival of our newest team member, Judith Cantor, who joins the JGIA family as Fundraising Manger.  Judith comes to us with extensive fundraising and marketing experience having worked for, and with, organisations like Guide Dogs NSW, Life Education Australia, Landcare Australia, Australian Red Cross and more. She has also personally fundraised for close to 60 different charities over a 5-year period of monthly challenges (the last of which was swimming with humpback whales in Tonga!), and has been a not-for-profit Board Director as well as a “hands-on” volunteer for a number of causes. Welcome Judith!

3. NYLC Member Asitha Meets IAPF Founder Damien Mander





In May, Victorian NYLC member Asitha Samarawickrama had the privilege of meeting Damien Mander, the founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF), of which Dr Jane is a member of the Advisory Committee. Damien was in Melbourne to talk about his fight against rhinoceros poaching in Africa. Asitha found Damien’s story to be filled with passion, inspiration and hope, emotions he has portrayed in his beautiful post available on our R&S Projects page. Happy reading!

4. Junior Chimp Champion is Young People supporting Young Chimpanzees
Did you know that chimpanzees are endangered? With as few as 172,000 remaining in the wild, our chimpanzees face many threats such as habitat loss, the commercial bush meat and illegal pet trades, and infectious diseases. These threats often leave young chimpanzees orphaned and alone.

But young people can help! Through raising $50 or more, kids can become Junior Chimp Champions and help JGIA provide a safe home for young orphaned chimpanzees. You can donate as an individual, group, classroom or school and all you have to do it email us at rootsandshoots@janegoodall.org.au. It’s that easy!  So tell your friends and family, join Roots & Shoots and follow us on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

5. ZAA Conference





Thanks to our wonderful friends at the Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) and Perth Zoo, JGIA were invited to participate in the 2016 ZAA Conference in Perth. It was great to be a part of this important occasion to share learnings, celebrate improvement and encourage innovation in this industry. Congratulations to the winner of the 2016 Association Awards and we look forward to the next conference!

Photos (L-R): Nancy Moloney, CEO JGIA with Susan Hunt, CEO Perth Zoo and JGIA R&S WA Coordinator Bill Waterer, with Chris Hibbard, ED ZAA and Cameron Kerr, CEO Taronga Zoo and with Elaine Bensted, CEO Zoos SA.




We were also thrilled to be invited as special guests at Taronga Zoo where for the first time ever, Vivid Sydney is being held as part of the zoo’s Centerary Celebrations. If you are in Sydney and haven’t see it yet, it is spectacular so get to Taronga before the show is over on 18 June!

6. May was a Month of JGIA Gratitude




This month we have so much to be thankful for at JGIA. From the wonderful and inspiring young Dr Jane’s in the making at St. Catherine’s School in Bronte who fundraised $525 for JGIA. To the generous artists Yvonne Levenston, Jody Graham, Richard Dobbie, Lou Grossfeldt and Dave Blissett who donated their works to be auctioned off at a fundraiser at the Space Gallery. We simply could not do what we do without the generous support of all of you!




And of course we would be truly lost without the tireless support of all of our amazing volunteers. In light of National Volunteer Week – we are sending out a huge hug and pant-hoot to you all! On behalf of everyone in the JGIA family, Dr Jane and the chimpanzees, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the difference that you make.

If you would like to be a part of this incredible team, please reach out to us via our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. And don’t forget that you can still sign up for our Climb for Chimps trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and see the chimps at Gombe, all while raising money for a great cause. We are sure that it will be the trip of a lifetime!